Workshops, Yoga Training and Private Sessions


Workshops are available on the following topics:

  • Aromatherapy for physical and mental wellness
  • Sounder Sleep System
  • Walk for Life
  • Bones for Life
  • Balls as yoga props
  • Meditative yoga practices:  mudras, visualizations, pranayama methodology, and mantras
  • Yoga Sutras


The Breath Centered Yoga Teacher Training is available as a one-on-one training or for small groups of at least 3 people.  Prospective students interested in the program should check the www.breathcentered.com website for information and application form.  


A limited number of private client sessions is available each week on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 5 pm.  Other times may occasionally be available. 

Sessions are available in yoga, Pilates mat or equipment, Bones for Life, Walk for Life, Sounder Sleep System, and aromatherapy. 

Private yoga sessions allow me to develop a personal practice for you based on your interests, goals and time.  You will leave with a complete practice in written form with enough information on how to do the practice yourself.

A fully equipped Balanced Body Pilates studio is available in my home but sessions may also be arranged at other locations.  Private sessions may be developed to improve posture, balance, strength, gait, flexibility, and/or assist with stress relief.  The approach is holistic to address all aspects of the clients' needs.

Bones for Life or Walk for Life sessions may augment Pilates sessions or be sessions on their own to address specific movement issues or osteoporosis.

Sounder Sleep System sessions teach you specific skills that you can practice on your own to reduce stress and tension, lull yourself to sleep, or get back to sleep if you wake up at night.

Aromatherapy consulting will assist in selecting essential oils and/or hydrosols that are appropriate to address physical, mental and emotional wellness needs.  You will leave with at least one essential oil blend in the form of an inhaler, massage oil or gel application for use at home.

Please call or email for pricing and availability.  If I am unable to fit you in or believe your needs might be better served by another service or professional, I am happy to provide a referral. 




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