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Do any of these sound familiar?

  • I want to start a yoga practice but all the local classes I've tried expect you to have a high level of knowledge before you can even start.  I'm not strong enough or flexible enough to do half of those poses.  Isn't there some kind of yoga that is meant for normal people?
  • I have several medical conditions that make it difficult to participate in activities that I used to enjoy.  I'd like to get back to it in some way but don't know how to start safely.  I don't expect miracles but I think I could do more if I just knew someone could help me get going without criticizing me.
  • I have trouble with insomnia or moods that make it difficult to get started or stick with any kind of regular practice--yoga, walking, etc.  I take medication but I'd like to try some more natural methods that won't interfere with them and might help me 

Often what is needed is a more holistic approach to fitness and wellness--that's where Breath Centered can help!

The breath is central to most forms of fitness and wellness.  Tuning in to breath is the most natural way to get in touch with your body, how it moves most easily and efficiently and how to transfer that knowledge to everyday life.  Breath focuses and calms the mind as it energizes the body.  The Breath Centered approach to wellness is through the breath, mindfulness and movement.

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